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Ijoriya Book PDF Free Download, Review and Meaning

Ijoriya is a new nepali novel written by Subin Bhattarai. Ijoriya PDF book is all about friendship, women, freedom and love. Subin bhattarai Ijoriya PDF book is free to download, read reviews and more.

Ijoriya Book Review

There is a multifaceted story in the novel ‘Ijoriya’. Writer Bhattarai has brought out the love, hate, and conflict between the family members in the story. Bhattarai, who has written stories focusing on Kathmandu in all his previous books, this time he has reached Madhes to capture the story.
‘Ijoriya’ is a Maithili word. It means Juneli.

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A reader of Subin Bhattarai knows – be it subject or style; That they do something new in every book. As the character of the story, Summer Love, reaches Izoria through beloved Sufi, he becomes stronger in language, emotion, and geography. His psychological relationship-literature is evergreen.

Subin is a trend setter who never stays in the comfort zone. And every reader will be amazed by Subin’s new John Chumer from this book.

Ijoriya is a story of friendship.
Ijoriya is the story of a woman.
Ijoriya is the story of Madhes.
Ijoriya is a story of liberation.
Ijoriya is a story of love and affection.
Ijoriya is a musical epic written in the ink of the heart.

Ijoriya Meaning

Ijoriya is a Maitheli Word. The English meaning of Ijoriya is “Like a Moon”. Juneli in Nepali

Ijoriya Price in Nepal

The fixed retail price of Ijoriya book in Nepal is NRS. 580 only.

Ijoriya PDF Download

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