nepali bida 2081

Nepali Bida List 2081 PDF

Nepal public holiday lists. Nepali Bida List 2081, Sarbajanik Sarkari Bida Suchi. View All Sarbajanik Bida Lists for Public Holidays in 2081, 2024, and 2025. The Public Holidays, Festival Holidays, Educational Holidays, Rituls Holidays, Jatra Holidays, and Government Public Office Time Details were released by the Nepalese government. The Government of Nepal has confirmed the Public Holidays (Sarbajanik Bida), Festival Holidays (Parba Bida), and Office Hours for the year 2081 (2024–2025).

Nepal Gazette Information from the Nepalese government’s Ministry of Home Affairs This information has been released in light of the government of Nepal’s decision to establish public, festive, and office hours in lieu of leaves for all government offices and public bodies within a year, beginning on the first of Baisakh in 2081 BS and ending on the last day of Chaitra in 2081 BS. Information about Nepal’s Public Holidays for 2081 B.S. (2024–2025). The following lists all of the public holidays (Sarbajanik Bida List), festival holidays (Parba Bida), and office hours.

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