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Urban Jungle Font TikTok Download Viral Name Photo Editing

If you use TikTok and you probably seen viral name photo editing by urban jungle font TikTok trend where a stylish name is written in beautiful urban forest landscape. Today in this article you will completely learn how to make such urban jungle font effect by yourself on mobile or any device.

Requirement of Urban Jungle Font TikTok Effect

To make such trendy video you will need this things before you start.

  1. Mobile Device or PC Device
  2. Capcut app
  3. TikTok App
  4. Urban Jungle Font

Download Urban Jungle Photo

How to Make Viral Photo Editing Using Urban Jungle Font ?

Now open any photo editing app like picsart or photoshop and write your name in background image with Urban Jungle Font and export or save to device and follow the steps.

Step 1: Open TikTok and Search SUGARMESSI and click on first video

Step 2 : Click on bottom right corner for SOUND

Step 3 : Click on ADD TO FAVORITE

Step 4 : Go back and click on CAPCUT – TRY THIS TEMPLATE

Step 5 : Click on red USE TEMPLATE IN CAPCUT button

Step 6 : Click on USE TEMPLATE button

Step 7 : Choose photo and click on PREVIEW button

Step 8 : Click on EXPORT WITHOUT WATERMARK button

Step 9 : Now choose saved sound click on SCROLLING TEXT

Step 10 : Click on favorite and choose FIRST sound

Step 11 : Adjust original sound 0 and added sound full 200% and click done

Step 12 : Now you can POST viral urban jungle video without watermark.

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