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About Us

Our Story

Bharti Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal.

Established in 1997 Bharti Digital carries the vision to create and execute marketing strategies for promoting businesses on digital platforms. We help clients establish and expand their online presence through various digital channels such as :

  • Graphics Post Design
  • Facebook Boosting
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Marketing

We provide tailored solutions to enhance brand awareness, drive traffic, and convert leads into customers.

We are driven by values

We always do match the values of customer in our services. Because we are open to give freedom to our clients to review it adds some good values to us as well which drives us to increase our thinking ability on next project.

Super Efficient

We have key competitive advantage that can set you apart from the competition and deliver exceptional value to your clients. 

Deeply Committed

Our work is the only passion and dedication we have. We appreciate any kind of work we get from our client.

Highly Skilled

Some of our expertise has long experience and skill. Our other trainee were also working to become best of themself.

Saurav Singh


Simon Smith



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