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Check SEE Result 2081 with Marksheet

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The Secondary Education Examination SEE result 2081 have been released by the National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal. For Nepali students finishing their tenth grade education, this exam—formerly known as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam—is an important turning point in their education.

Key Details About the SEE Result 2081

  • Result Announcement Date: The SEE results for the 2081 academic year were announced on June 26, 2024 (12 Ashad 2081).
  • Examination Guidelines: The exams followed the Letter Grading System as per the guidelines of 2078. Evaluation was done separately for theoretical and internal exams.
  • Scoring Criteria:
    • Theory Exam: Minimum 35% marks (26.25 out of 75) required in each subject.
    • Internal Exam: Minimum 10 marks out of 25 required.
  • Grading Implications:
    • NG (Non-Graded): Students scoring below 35% in any subject will receive an NG grade and will not be permitted to advance to class 11 without passing a grade increment test.
    • Certificate Issuance: Students must score at least 10 in internal and 26.25 in theory to receive the original SEE certificate.
  • Grade Increment:
    • Chance Exam: Students can take grade increment exams in up to two subjects.
    • Next Year Exam: Students failing in more than two subjects can retake the exam in the next academic year.

How to Check the SEE Result 2081

Students can access their SEE 2081 results through various online platforms:

  1. Official NEB Website: Visit the NEB website at and click on the “SEE Results” section.
  2. NTC Website: Check the results on the Nepal Telecom (NTC) website at
  3. SMS Service: Send an SMS with the format “SEE [space] [Symbol Number]” to 1600 (for both Nepal Telecom and Ncell users).
  4. IVR Service: Dial the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number 1600 and follow the instructions to retrieve your results.
  5. Notice Board: Dial the notice board number 1618016639002 to access information about the SEE exam results.

By following these steps, students can conveniently check their SEE 2081 results and access their mark sheets and grade sheets.

SEE Result 2081 with Marksheet

CLICK HERE to Check SEE Result 2081 with Marksheet.

Significance of the SEE Exam

For Nepali students, the SEE exam is a significant turning point in their academic careers. It not only establishes their eligibility for admission to class 11 higher secondary school, but it also has a big impact on their future educational and professional pathways.

An important milestone for the students, their families, and the Nepali educational system is the release of the SEE 2081 results. It is evidence of the students’ diligence and hard work as well as the National Examination Board’s efforts in organizing and running the testing procedure.

Students are excitedly awaiting their results, and it is admirable that the NEB is committed to openness and equity in the assessment procedure. For young people in Nepal, the SEE exam is still a crucial stage in their educational journey that sets them up for success in the future.

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